If before the straight hair reigned in the great international parades, today the trend points in opposite direction. The waves are quite quoted by the movement and beauty that they print on the hair, and here we will teach you to obtain those desired curls.

The rollers can give open or closed movement to the waves of the hair. For a long time, the image we associate with the artificial rollers is a small circular artifact that helped to shape the movement in the hair. This aesthetic tool known as “hot rollers” promised to model the hair in a short time, without mistreating it and without the exposure to high temperatures that produce electrical devices like the dryer or the iron. Definitely, it is a very effective way to finish with extremely smooth hair, and best of all, without any damage to the strands.

Well, although this is a technique of old times, it achieves very good results on the hair, helping to keep the strands hydrated and full of life, so we will teach you how to relive this ancient procedure of beauty.

Achieve 100% natural curls

The first thing you must do to get these waves is to place the hot curls on clean and smooth hair.

Then, while heating the circular artifact, separate the hair into sections to place the rollers. The idea is to divide it into two parts, upper and lower.

It is necessary to know the desired result, because of the bigger the roll and the strand; the smoother it will remain, while if you prefer smaller curls you must make it more closed.

To achieve a smooth effect with movement, the best is to choose wide curls and divide the parts of below and of above into three and four sections, respectively. The frontal tufts are very important because they will mold the face. They need to be separated and stylized according to the final result.

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Those who use hair with a side cut should place the curler on the line that divides the hair. In the case of those women who wear shots, they should be placed horizontally.

When collecting the hair in the rollers, roll all the wicks in the same direction and pay attention to the tips, they can bend as soon as they are placed, which will leave the strands marked.

Final Stage: How to get them for optimal results?

As the rollers do not heat as much as the curling iron, they can be handled without worrying about burning your fingers. After rolling the hair, wait half an hour until the rollers cool down.

Remove the hot rollers carefully, until the hair is fully released. At the end of the process, the hair will be modeled and with marked ripples.

Finally, run your hand gently over your hair to give movement. Then use the spray to fix the hairstyle.

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