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permanent hair color

Great Tips for Permanent Color

The permanent color is the most familiar hair coloring technique. Yet, it still raises many questions. Its formulation is it risky for the hair? Is this the best method for me? So many questions Silver Boll, artistic director for Schwarzkopf Professional has kindly answer.

Permanent color

A permanent color is above all a finishing coloration. Unlike temporary colorations, the molecules that make up its formula penetrate profound into the hair fiber which provides a durable color over time. A retouch is necessary every one to two months for the roots and give a little color to glow but the base itself does not move.
The permanent color is the most durable, gratitude to oxidation performed by its components. Indeed, the hair fiber is opened and the color depth to be installed in an unparalleled outfit. In the past, this is what earned him a bad reputation (harmful for the hair) but with the evolution of technology, it is not as aggressive. As explained Silver Boll: “Today each dye product contains care formulas that restrict the harmful effects of oxidation on the hair.” In addition, the permanent color also offers many advantages for the look of the hair. For our expert, “a permanent color plumps, sheath and brings light to a somewhat dull hair or missing material. Oxidation is not to say harmful”. Finally, does it make no mistake, any product called “permanent coloring” generates oxidation otherwise we speak of “temporary coloration”.

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According Silver Boll, “every hair type is exceptional and to get the desired result, a true diagnosis is necessary. Natural or colored, the hair all reflections (gold, red, copper, gray), it must entirely take into account before any coloring. The eye of the barber is vital for determining the true color of the client, he chose the right colorimetric “. The colorist technician also brings the idea of trend. For our expert, “each year, fashion coloring material changes. The professional therefore provides technical expertise in addition to his knowledge of fashion, it will offer and adapt to the wishes of the client.”

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