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Shampoo: first gesture hair health

Shampoo: first gesture hair health

It is urgent to take them in hand before they are really unhealthy and it start to fall out in handfuls. Marc Delacre, hairdresser and creator of the beauty salon of the same name, gives us his tips for keeping hair full of vitality.

The hair is a very compound machine consisting of a rod free part which emerges at the surface of the scalp and of a root (bulb), located in a hair follicle. Their number varies between 100 000 and 150 000. A hair live on average five years, then dies and falls to be replaced by another, and this about 25 times. The life of a hair is thus very weak and in case of repeated attacks, it gradually may no longer be replaced. It is therefore essential to take care of her hair, starting with the well washed.

Good health requires good hygiene

Shampoo Start by wetting the hair leaving a good time under the spray. Then take a small shampoo into the palm of the hand and apply it on your hair. It should not be too rub the scalp, but softly massaged. For the shampoo’s active have much time to make their effects, the ideal is to let it sit a few minutes. Then lather with a little water and carry on the massage. There is no need to make two shampoos – especially if you wash frequently. It unnecessarily raises awareness scalp.

After the shampoo, be sure to clean your hair. Rinsing is almost larger than the wash. If there are still remnants of shampoo in the hair, dandruff and itching will be guaranteed. How to know if they are well rinsed? They must crunching under your fingers. The bravest end with a jet of cold water (excellent for the scalp and make hair shine).

Dry the hair in the most natural way possible and avoid hairdryer, explains Marc Delacre. If you live in a big city, it is best to leave the well dry hair. Indeed, dust cling more easily on wet hair.

Brushes and combs are suitable for styling, provided use with delicacy.

Finally, it is vital to

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