Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss

Preventing hair loss -Take care to massage your scalp before using your shampoo.  In circular movements of the neck to the top of the skull you start blood circulation, the growth will be even better. Enabling the microcircualtion build your scalp more receptive to the care you use.

  • If your hair is oily, clean them frequently. The excess scalp sebum asphyxiation and speeds fall. Select a shampoo frequent use neutral pH and do good lather up to free its active agents. Treating shampoos contain strippers agents that sensitize the hair and make it more fragile. It is therefore strongly recommended to track the advice of your pharmacist or dermatologist.
  • At the end of your shampoo, clean your hair with warm water. The rinsing time should always be longer than the washing. There must remain no shampoo residue in your hair.
  • Let your hair dry in the air and keep away from to the maximum the hairdryer. At a certain heat, the water contained in the hair began to boil, creating small bubbles on the hair shaft, which make it very brittle. Dry them instead with a towel without rubbing too hard. In general, hair does not like heat, so do not annoy them with blow drying and straightening repeatedly.
  • Comb your hair softly. You must protect as much as possible the scalp and the hair shaft. Prefer combs and brushes made of natural fibers. And above all, regularly clean all your tools with an antiseptic to dislodge any dust that may collect on your hair during the next brushing and tarnish.
  • Hair feed through multiple blood vessels current on the scalp. Among the essential foods: red meat containing sulfur amino acids which are the main constituents of keratin, brewer’s yeast, which contains vitamin B and the oil-rich grape seed vitamin E every other participant functions vital hair, whole grains, fish and green vegetables contain minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium) and trace elements (zinc, selenium and sulfur) essential to the development of the capillary tissues .
  • Protect your hair from the sun. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet the abyss, making them brittle and forked. Better to avoid as much as possible UV sessions and protect your hair with a fat body and a head covering for a prolonged sun exposure.
  • Satisfy your deficiencies through food supplements that will stimulate, densify and strengthen your hair.
  • Accept Zen attitude and keep away from as much stress you out because of excessive stress can lead to hair loss.

Finally, if you suffer a significant hair loss (more than 100 hairs a day) and prolonged (over 4 weeks), please consult a dermatologist who will diagnose your condition and attempt to resolve the issue.

Appropriate care

Lifeless hair

Invigorating foam – The fortifying and restorative Ducray Ducray Foam restores suppleness and resistance to the most dented hair. The first submissions of the effects are visible, the hair immediately resume the volume. The hair and reinforced and protected. You will be seduced by this foam without rinsing which will encourage the growth of your hair.

Invigorating foam – Ducray – € 15 (150ml aerosol can)


schwarzkopf The Schwarzkopf Professional have allies Eto Hoting dermatologist to expand a program against hair loss. The formula Activ Dr. Hoting for active woman hair growth and strengthens the natural defenses under stress. Shampoo, detangling the properties, is used every day and very intense lotion complete the action of the active shampoo. The hair growth is stimulated, denser.

Activ Dr. Hoting Shampoo – Schwarzkopf – € 8 (200 ml bottle)


Fortifying Shampoo Fortice a multiplying by 7 skin microcirculation, optimizes the efficiency of care contractors. The scalp is more accessible to anti-hair loss treatments you can then use. Use alternating with your regular shampoo. Hair regains strength and beauty.

Forticea stimulating shampoo – Rene Furterer – € 9.10 (150 ml tube)

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