How to prevent hair loss in everyday life?

prevent hair loss in everyday life

If you lose obviously dozens of hair every day, beyond a hundred it becomes a problem that must be addressed. To avoid get there, there are protective actions to be applied in everyday life.

Stress, fatigue, lifestyle: hair loss can have multiple reasons. But good styling habits, better nutrition and appropriate treatments can keep a healthy hair.

Good styling habits

Preventing hair loss shampoo every day or not, the first health gesture for her hair is to rinse them. This seems obvious, but many women do not clean their hair enough. Assaulted by certain products, they weaken and get worse very quickly.

Disentangling side, opt for the sweetness! It is useless to insist on a node, you risk tearing your hair. Comb in with delicacy without overstated the roots.

Also note down the use of the hairdryer. His attacks often too high temperature, dry and break the hair. It is best to let them dry in the open air. Take special care for choosing blow dryer or strengthener.

Choosing a good shampoo

The shampoo is the earliest effective and systematic action in case of hair loss. Although its main idea is to clean the hair, it can have a side deal that gives strength to tired hair. Consisting mainly of quinine and B vitamins, these shampoos inspire blood micro circulation and restore all the energy they need.

Hint: For best results it is often suggested to massage the scalp in a circular motion which stimulates blood circulation, irrigates the scalp and promotes regeneration of hair.

The hair conditioners

Far from softening conditioner, here we speak about treatment lotion, creams that unravel and fortify the hair. As balms let in, disentangles these products, give energy and stimulate hair growth. The hair is better protected from daily aggressions.

The importance of diet

A balanced diet and a body that lacks nothing are the secrets of a dream hair. For, the cells that make the hair is living organs that need to be fit to work well. A micro nutrient shortage may be the cause of hair loss, for example.

Foods rich in protein such as tuna, chicken, beef and egg yolk, offer keratin, essential for the formation of hair cells. Do not ignore either iron which plays a role in nutrition and oxygenation of capillary roots. It has been shown that iron deficiency tarnish and refines the hair.

Finally, and particularly vitamins B vitamins are essential for the renewal of the follicle cells. Between Vitamin B3 which increases blood circulation in the roots, B5 that helps hair growth and B6 essential to keratinization process, so that a little cure of vitamin does not harm hair.

The value of food supplements

Food supplements and hair tonics, are presented in the shape of capsules or blisters. Their goal is to nourish the hair to better fortify. The Vocabulary includes the basics of what constitutes good health: zinc, vitamin B, sulfur amino acids cysteine ​​and improves among others the strength of regrowth.

The fall treatments want more and more technical. Quinoral fall include orally KLORANE laboratories which guarantees a double fall and strengthening efficiency. In fact it is rich in vitamins and extract of red cinchona inspire cutaneous micro circulation essential to the growth of the hair.

With all these elements, your hair will be better nourished and experience a healthy and rich growth will slow their fall.

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