Hang on to keep your hair!

keep your hair

We normally lose about fifty hair in a day. Reached the end of their life, they drop and are replaced progressively with new ones. Shampoos and brushing remove. In spring and autumn, our hair is renewed in number and it is general to lose more. As we age, the normal slowdown in our body has the result of not replacing all the dead hair than we lose.

Exact hair loss of pathological origin is called alopecia. It means that we are losing our hair and has nothing to do with baldness which means the final phase of alopecia where all the hair fell out no hope of regrowth.

Whose fault is it? Take stock

An emotional shock:

The substantial drop is due to the anomalous secretion of androgenic hormones that kill hair. The variation of male hormone secretion: testosterone (secreted by the testes), and dehydroepiandrosterone unusually active and kill the hair.

An infectious disease:

Influenza, streptococcal disease, mononucleosis can reason alopecia inconsequential in the long term. The health restored, the hair grows back.


Ingestion of toxic mushrooms, minor taking of toxic drugs or combinations of drugs incompatible, accidental ingestion of cleaning products.

A bad hair treatment:

bleaching or permanently poorly mastered, performed by inexpert people.


Women lose their hair about two months after the conclusion of their pregnancy. At delivery, the interruption of flows often triggers a momentary loss of mass and hair.


Antimitotic the fall is spectacular because total in patients undergoing chemotherapy in the treatment against cancer.

Poor blood supply:

Poorly irrigated, scalp no longer feeds the hair that ends up dying.

Deficiencies of essential amino acids:

keratin has a vital need of essential amino acids, especially cystine. She also loves trace elements or it withers.

To finish with hair loss?

  • Develop your overall health
  • Nourish yourself in a fair way (avoid animal fats) absorb dietary supplements for hair.
  • Discuss with a dermatologist
  • It certainly will lay down a topical treatment minoxidil.
  • Energize your scalp
  • Rub it with lotion against hair loss.
  • Purify your hair
  • Clean with a special shampoo against hair loss.

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