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A complete guide of waxing

Waxing hot:

For successful waxing you need to ensure the following things:

  • The necessary equipment
  • A brush
  • A plexi scraper
  • An old iron for lack of a true waxing iron

Waxing the basic principle

Waxing is a particularly vast and complicated subject. This ranges from simple to the most basic waxing cold (disreputable) until ski man pro will take the snow temperature and humidity to use one or more waxes as a base adapted to the conditions and then drop a fart highly fluorinated surface to 100 € the few grams!

As part of the ski touring, waxing will not serve to add tenths of a second descent (as in the competition in alpine skiing and cross country), but to uphold its sole and avoid the hassles of non-ski waxed we all know: ice that forms on the sole, no slipping, adhesive deposition skins .

So this is the hot waxing which is clearly necessary in our case, because it is the only technique that will allow to expand the ski sole polyethylene for durable impregnation depth.

The cold waxing, through impregnated wipe, stick or liquid, will contain a very limited interest and will not bring anything good. The marketing aspect of this kind of product should we forget.

What fart use?

So, in this range of products bloated, which one to choose?

In fact, we will decide a fart as a solid cake, usually sold in plastic blister. Whatever the brand (Toko Swix, Briko, Vola …), we note that any solid waxes are alike.

Those that interest us for our servicing (we do not include pure performance), waxes are hydrocarbon type without attendance of fluorine.

So you will see that in each brand, there is often a white or colorless universal fart, and a range of 4 or 5 references colored (blue, purple, yellow, orange …). These colors equal the hardness of the wax whose use will be determined by the type of snow met (hard for old or cold snow, soft snow to wet spring). The manufacturers truly use the outside air temperature as indication for the use of a particular wax.

If your goal is basically to keep a proper glide and own

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Waxing Tips

Waxing Tips

Ski mountaineering race preparation

In order to attain its best performance during a race, it is not sufficient to properly train and rest. It is also necessary to have his equipment in order to keep away from unpleasant surprises. Here are some recommendations:

Ski: Test bending skis to discover any weak points, where they could break.

Fasteners: Tighten screws. Verify the bindings to ensure that there are no small cracks or similar damage.

Shoes: Verify that there are no existing mini-cracks, the same for the screws, buckles and lacing. It is suggested to adapt its ski downhill style to his ability, to prevent the shoes break easily.

Sticks: Check the tips and washers are in good form and test if the handles stand. Carbon sticks can be tested cautiously twisting them slightly. For less experienced skiers, which regularly fall, it is preferable to use aluminum bats because they are more robust.

Skin: The skin waxing avoids the irritating formation snow shoes during the rise and ensures better glide. However, too recurrent waxing causes deterioration of grip hides. I personally forte my skin between twice and four times depending on the race.

Procedure: Paste the skin on the ski, polish the skin with hard wax in the direction of slip (not against the structure of the hair). Then pass the iron (approx. 100 ° C, not too hot) once so that the wax can penetrate. In general, I use red or yellow wax. Normally, it is enough in the direction of pass twice and grip remains. The best is to do a test during training in order to locate the perfect waxing. Do not forget to test the fastening system of the skin by pulling it.

Backpack: It has to be comfortable. It is significant to control the fixing points for porting, preferably during training and not in his room at home. Perform a port to check the comfort and stability of skis on the backpack. To prevent ski edges do not cut the straps fasteners, these can be strengthened with a piece of tape.

There is nothing more frustrating than the rejection of a race due to a hardware failure.

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