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Blonde highlights

Blonde highlights: how to do, how to maintain them?

Beautiful blond highlights stress the haircut and soften features but how to have beautiful blonde looks? Tips are given below:

Blonde highlights what type of hair?

If all hair types can be clarified one or two tones, blond locks are set aside to clear bases (blond or brown). However, the character of the hair matter: smooth, wavy or curly, there are no cons-indications.


The blond hair can dry the hair fiber. It is therefore superior to have healthy hair to use this technique.

Differences between blond hair and flash scan

Can, ravings, or flash, it is difficult to navigate. Yet behind these technical words hide particular methods and different results.


The blond scan enlightens the hair a very usual way and provides a sunny effect to the hair.


This method consists of fairly wide looks and marked on the whole hair. Less natural that sweep, the locks require major maintenance. Charlotte Catherin “wicks are frequently very marked and offer a result some spaghetti.”


The technician cleared his head a few strands on top to create natural highlights that blend into the hair.

How to uphold her blonde looks?

Generally, blond hair require extraordinary attention. To keep away from seeing her hair turn yellow and fade, it is important to use the right products, “the blond is valuable, it must be maintained to keep beautiful shades. I recommend using a shampoo with natural pigments once a week to keep beautiful reflections “advises the expert.

Then every day, the favored nourishing care without silicones that moisturize the hair and make it silky and shiny. Finally, at the styling, utilize a shine serum or blow dry milk that embellish the texture and boost color.

Blonde highlights home, we try or not?

Unlike staining, blonde locks requires a genuine know-how that only mastered hairdressers. Indeed, our pro cool “we have to choose a good professional who will carry out a proper consultation which will achieve the desired result.” Indeed, the blond is difficult to handle color. To obtain the expected result, we must leave nothing to chance. It is therefore strongly recommended to entrust her hair to someone who knows what

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How to do discoloration?

Before you start this process, remember these points:

Weakens the hair

Discoloration is to improve the natural color of her hair (it may be the only goal) or to prepare a future hair coloring in lighter complexions. To this end, the hair is drenched with oxidizing products which weaken their pigments (melanin). The push to its severe bleaching removes all melanin, which makes them completely white hair.

It is essential to bleach hair before coloring scheduled over two tones below its natural color.

Bleaching weakens the hair become spongy and dry more easily. It is not recommended on newly premed hair.

For successful color, you will also the following points:

  • Carefully see the instructions of the dye product
  • Make essentially a test button to avoid any risk of allergy
  • Follow the color exposure time
  • Utilize the gloves provided for application
  • Apply the total product, no more, no less
  • Choose color, is learning to exist with
  • A permanent color to redo every three months.
  • A color tone on tone to remake every 4 weeks.
  • A temporary staining again after 6 shampoos.
  • Use masks, oils and shampoos suitable for colored hair.

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adjust brown hair

How to adjust brown hair to blonde without damage?

Many women dream of getting the hair of Brigitte Bardot era 60’s, so surfer Cameron Diaz, Catherine Deneuve Version D’Ane Skin, or even Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet. As they say, men desire blondes. But before swapping his mysterious brown ears for gold is better to be aware of some advice, we will share with you!

Blond brown hair coloration on: warning

Before rushing headlong to the hairdresser to demand him a Nordic blond, ask yourself a few questions. For going blonde is not a small transformation and induces a change, as thin as it is, psychologically. Once cleared, your hair will determine your pace so that the same will have more impact on your surroundings. We look at you more, there you find it sexier blow; not to mention the shots you do not evade.

Then, it is also a budget. Since one cannot logically make this transformation at home (within capital and ruin his hair to look like a bale of straw), we will have to go through the institute box … And then from that shape to a hundred euros. If, after consideration decide to join the ship golden heads, here are the steps to follow, orchestrated by the gifted Tom Marcireau.

Blond brown hair coloration on: the expert is always right

Above all, it is to set up a diagnosis. Going blonde without (much) damage your hair fiber obtain longer depending on the natural color of your hair (brown, dark brown, brown, light brown, dark blond). Know that your hair is dark, the process is more delicate. Objectively, it is appropriate to express what you want with precision hairdresser, tell him the whole thing that can pass through your head. It is also very important to tell everything to her hairdresser. He must be acquainted with all your capillary pathway: color, highlights, scan, henna . Even the most unimportant things allegedly made more than 6 months ago, because the understanding of the blonde will not be the same depending on the settings.

Then just pay attention to the advice of the pro, because there are different kinds of blond who do not

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permanent hair color

Great Tips for Permanent Color

The permanent color is the most familiar hair coloring technique. Yet, it still raises many questions. Its formulation is it risky for the hair? Is this the best method for me? So many questions Silver Boll, artistic director for Schwarzkopf Professional has kindly answer.

Permanent color

A permanent color is above all a finishing coloration. Unlike temporary colorations, the molecules that make up its formula penetrate profound into the hair fiber which provides a durable color over time. A retouch is necessary every one to two months for the roots and give a little color to glow but the base itself does not move.
The permanent color is the most durable, gratitude to oxidation performed by its components. Indeed, the hair fiber is opened and the color depth to be installed in an unparalleled outfit. In the past, this is what earned him a bad reputation (harmful for the hair) but with the evolution of technology, it is not as aggressive. As explained Silver Boll: “Today each dye product contains care formulas that restrict the harmful effects of oxidation on the hair.” In addition, the permanent color also offers many advantages for the look of the hair. For our expert, “a permanent color plumps, sheath and brings light to a somewhat dull hair or missing material. Oxidation is not to say harmful”. Finally, does it make no mistake, any product called “permanent coloring” generates oxidation otherwise we speak of “temporary coloration”.

As a single

According Silver Boll, “every hair type is exceptional and to get the desired result, a true diagnosis is necessary. Natural or colored, the hair all reflections (gold, red, copper, gray), it must entirely take into account before any coloring. The eye of the barber is vital for determining the true color of the client, he chose the right colorimetric “. The colorist technician also brings the idea of trend. For our expert, “each year, fashion coloring material changes. The professional therefore provides technical expertise in addition to his knowledge of fashion, it will offer and adapt to the wishes of the client.”

As wash

There is a confidence that urban wash her

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hair color

Brown, blond or red, nuances your hair glare!

5% of women have colored hair. For them, hair care experts have established direct coloring and tones. A great idea at the time where fashion plays with contrasts and highlights candied chestnuts and other golden honey. Dark or light bases, warm up, do not vacillate to put the light in your hair.

Choosing a new shade of color depends on your natural base, blonde, light brown, dark brown or black and eye color.

Golden shades

If you want fair skin and like polar, blue hard, pearl gray or if you look for the Irish green, desire the Swedish blond mixed with golden shades. Brown to dark complexion, however, realize the coppery shades and glazed chestnuts.

Check your color

Conceal your hair under a white towel and wear your orange fabric then plays a dark pink fabric. If the orange melts into your skin, you feel right to the “warm colors.” So these are the golden, copper, red, auburn and caramel that costume you best. If the pink to match your skin, you are related to “cool colors”. These are the ashy blond, light brown and purple that will sparkle to your complexion.

If you are not persuaded by the test, you can always go to a store to attempt on wigs of various shades. They will give you a moderately accurate idea of your future coloring. It will do is find the straight dyeing or the corresponding tone on tone, the radius of hair care.

Direct or tonal coloration which will be good?

Direct staining overlaps such a gouache on your hair. It is without oxidizing or ammonia and contains a mixture of colored pigments which are deposited on the hair without changing the natural pigment melanin. If it does not elucidate or hide white hair it stimulates the natural color. The clear basis punctuated by a darker direct dyeing venues harmonious sweep that will fade gently after 5 or 6 shampoos. This unconstrained coloration can trail fashion without becoming trapped.

The color tone on tone is a new color without ammonia oxidation. It contains dye precursors which are transformed into colored compounds by contact with the oxidant. However,

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