Baldness, an unavoidable fall?

Baldness, an unavoidable fall

Baldness is a primarily male phenomenon. Hair loss occurs on average between 25 and 35, but may begin later.

The signs are plentiful hair loss, with a gradual release of the forehead, above the temples or crown of the head.

The major reason of baldness is an excess of male hormones (androgenic alopecia). This excess is hereditary: If your father is bald, you will have great chances of being. In fact, male hormones will go faster the life cycle of the hair, making it faster fall. Other causes may be taken into account. Thus, the constant stress or prolonged anxiety can promote the fall. An unbalanced diet, deficient in certain vitamins (H, B6 …), may also be involved. Beware also too aggressive shampoo for the scalp or frequent dyes.

Some medications can also cause major hair loss (amphetamines, anticoagulants ). Please read the list of undesirable effects on the notices.


Treatment depends of course of the case. When hair loss is due to an external agent (drug, vitamin deficiency …), it will be easily resolved. By cons, when baldness is due to a surplus of hormones, it is necessary to use specific techniques.


There are certain medications that emerge effective against baldness. In any case, most hair loss is detected, the sooner action will have the effect. The most frequently used treatments are those based on minoxidil. Indeed, this slows hair loss and from time to time causes a regrowth. It exists in form of lotion to be applied twice per day. Treatment should be followed “for life”: Once started, it must not be stopped if we want to keep the profits. Other effective actions are in the form of tablets. In all cases, we must of course seek medical attention. You must know that these treatments do not necessarily work for all patients and some allergies or side effects are sometimes feared. Furthermore, their cost is quite high.


In addition to drugs, one of the best effective treatments remains the graft. There are quite a lot of types of grafts, as appropriate. In general, the method used is the micro transplant. It is in fact to take small pieces of skin containing hair (for example in the neck) and reimplanted on the bald area. The process takes two to three hours under local anesthesia and can be repeated up to three or four times (spaced three months minimum) depending on the width of the area to cover. The benefit is that the hair is natural and there is no treatment to follow. The downside is of course the price, which amounts to tens of thousands of francs. In place of her own hair, they can be grafted implants, which are very close to real hair. In this case, the cost is slightly lower but there is a risk of rejection.

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