If before the straight hair reigned in the great international parades, today the trend points in opposite direction. The waves are quite quoted by the movement and beauty that they print on the hair, and here we will teach you to obtain those desired curls.

The rollers can give open or closed movement to the waves of the hair. For a long time, the image we associate with the artificial rollers is a small circular artifact that helped to shape the movement in the hair. This aesthetic tool known as “hot rollers” promised to model the hair in a short time, without mistreating it and without the exposure to high temperatures that produce electrical devices like the dryer or the iron. Definitely, it is a very effective way to finish with extremely smooth hair, and best of all, without any damage to the strands.

Well, although this is a technique of old times, it achieves very good results on the hair, helping to keep the strands hydrated and full of life, so we will teach you how to relive this ancient procedure of beauty.

Achieve 100% natural curls

The first thing you must do to get these waves is to place the hot curls on clean and smooth hair.

Then, while heating the circular artifact, separate the hair into sections to place the rollers. The idea is to divide it into two parts, upper and lower.

It is necessary to know the desired result, because of the bigger the roll and the strand; the smoother it will remain, while if you prefer smaller curls you must make it more closed.

To achieve a smooth effect with movement, the best is to choose wide curls and divide the parts of below and of above into three and four sections, respectively. The frontal tufts are very important because they will mold the face. They need to be separated and stylized according to the final result.

For getting perfect hot rollers, please click here.

Those who use hair with a side cut should place the curler on the line that

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Hair transplant, the latest advances

Hair transplant, the latest advances

When baldness is made or it becomes uncomfortable hair transplant appears as a solution, albeit a little expensive, but mostly aesthetic, durable and discreet. Today, two major techniques are used by practitioners: the method called the “strip” and FUE. The Amar doctor, dermatologist specializing in hair transplantation, we said all the hair transplant to make his selection with confidence.

If baldness is a typically male problem, some women also put up with from hair loss. In recent years, surgery has advanced allowing painless interventions under local anesthesia and without significant downtime.

But we opted for one or the other technique, in both cases the plan is to implant placement. “What makes the difference is how to remove the bulbs,” explained Dr. Amar. Samples that are always in the same place, at the back of the skull in the occipital area, where the hair is the richest, most provided. “In this area, the hair is programmed to last. They have a longer life expectation than the rest of the skull.”

The method of strip

Surgery adjacent to the calvitieLe principle: A horizontal strip of 1 cm wide is removed under local anesthesia over a length which is from 12 up to 23 cm that is to say a maximum of one ear to the other. Then, the micro-strip is cut to get the bulbs that are implanted and thus redistributed to the bald areas. The dermatologist closes the sampling area using sutures which will depart a thin horizontal linear scar of a millimeter wide at the back of the head. “This method is used by 90% of practitioners because it provides a large amount of good quality implants,” says the professional.

For who? This technique is designed at both men and women. The coverage capacity is larger than the FUE and the strip is particularly suitable for large balding.

The duration of the operation: It lasts 2 to 3 hours during these people, 1 200 to 1500 implants were detached and reimplanted into the bald areas or hair an amount ranging from 3 000 to 5 000 hairs (each implant carries 1

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Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss

Preventing hair loss -Take care to massage your scalp before using your shampoo.  In circular movements of the neck to the top of the skull you start blood circulation, the growth will be even better. Enabling the microcircualtion build your scalp more receptive to the care you use.

  • If your hair is oily, clean them frequently. The excess scalp sebum asphyxiation and speeds fall. Select a shampoo frequent use neutral pH and do good lather up to free its active agents. Treating shampoos contain strippers agents that sensitize the hair and make it more fragile. It is therefore strongly recommended to track the advice of your pharmacist or dermatologist.
  • At the end of your shampoo, clean your hair with warm water. The rinsing time should always be longer than the washing. There must remain no shampoo residue in your hair.
  • Let your hair dry in the air and keep away from to the maximum the hairdryer. At a certain heat, the water contained in the hair began to boil, creating small bubbles on the hair shaft, which make it very brittle. Dry them instead with a towel without rubbing too hard. In general, hair does not like heat, so do not annoy them with blow drying and straightening repeatedly.
  • Comb your hair softly. You must protect as much as possible the scalp and the hair shaft. Prefer combs and brushes made of natural fibers. And above all, regularly clean all your tools with an antiseptic to dislodge any dust that may collect on your hair during the next brushing and tarnish.
  • Hair feed through multiple blood vessels current on the scalp. Among the essential foods: red meat containing sulfur amino acids which are the main constituents of keratin, brewer’s yeast, which contains vitamin B and the oil-rich grape seed vitamin E every other participant functions vital hair, whole grains, fish and green vegetables contain minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium) and trace elements (zinc, selenium and sulfur) essential to the development of the capillary tissues .
  • Protect your hair from the sun. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet the abyss, making them brittle and forked. Better to avoid as much

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Hormonal changes and hair loss

Hormonal changes and hair loss

Alopecia is the generic medical term hair loss on a part or the whole scalp. This term comes from the Greek “alopex”, meaning fox. This animal loses in fact, once a year, its brutally hair.

Hereditary androgenetic alopecia, the most common, affects mostly men (70% of cases). Acute alopecia causes in turn a faster and more substantial hair loss.

Hair loss in women: hormones frontline

One cause of alopecia in women: hormone disorders connected to different periods of life, consecutive with taking treatment or endocrine disorders. This is called androgenic alopecia.

If significant and unexplained hair loss, it is then advisable to ask a dermatologist who will sort through the various factors traditionally implicated:

  • The Endocrinological disorders affect the main hormone producing glands such as the thyroid (hyper or hypothyroidism) and more hardly ever the pituitary gland which then starts to idle (this is called hypopituitarism) or, on the contrary, produce too much prolactin (a hormone to the initiation and maintenance of lactation).
  • There may also be an excess of androgens (male hormones secreted by the ovaries and adrenal glands) induced by the attendance of micro polycystic ovaries through menopause or childbirth. The decrease of female hormones associated cause then depletion of the scalp and thus hair loss, sensitized by too much male hormone.
  • Alopecia can also be derived from a genetically planned hypersensitivity of the hair follicle (hair bulb) without androgen these are excessively products. This is called hyperandrogenism.

Hormones and hair loss: men also concerned

If alopecia in men is usually inherited (95% of cases), hormones can also get involved and make the situation worse. As for women, the scalp can be chiefly sensitive to male hormones and accentuate the natural fall of the hair. This is the meeting between androgens and an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase that the problem arises. On a healthy follicle, both substances coexist smoothly and the hair is disturbed in any way in its development. In the case of a genetically predisposed follicle, it will observe its accelerated cycle, while imposing the hair grows a rhythm / drop / reject accelerated gradually exhausting the follicle and causing ultimately a root in the

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Baldness, an unavoidable fall

Baldness, an unavoidable fall?

Baldness is a primarily male phenomenon. Hair loss occurs on average between 25 and 35, but may begin later.

The signs are plentiful hair loss, with a gradual release of the forehead, above the temples or crown of the head.

The major reason of baldness is an excess of male hormones (androgenic alopecia). This excess is hereditary: If your father is bald, you will have great chances of being. In fact, male hormones will go faster the life cycle of the hair, making it faster fall. Other causes may be taken into account. Thus, the constant stress or prolonged anxiety can promote the fall. An unbalanced diet, deficient in certain vitamins (H, B6 …), may also be involved. Beware also too aggressive shampoo for the scalp or frequent dyes.

Some medications can also cause major hair loss (amphetamines, anticoagulants ). Please read the list of undesirable effects on the notices.


Treatment depends of course of the case. When hair loss is due to an external agent (drug, vitamin deficiency …), it will be easily resolved. By cons, when baldness is due to a surplus of hormones, it is necessary to use specific techniques.


There are certain medications that emerge effective against baldness. In any case, most hair loss is detected, the sooner action will have the effect. The most frequently used treatments are those based on minoxidil. Indeed, this slows hair loss and from time to time causes a regrowth. It exists in form of lotion to be applied twice per day. Treatment should be followed “for life”: Once started, it must not be stopped if we want to keep the profits. Other effective actions are in the form of tablets. In all cases, we must of course seek medical attention. You must know that these treatments do not necessarily work for all patients and some allergies or side effects are sometimes feared. Furthermore, their cost is quite high.


In addition to drugs, one of the best effective treatments remains the graft. There are quite a lot of types of grafts, as appropriate. In general, the method used is the micro transplant. It is in fact

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How to Select a Hair Curling Iron

How to Select a Hair Curling Iron: The Fundamental Criteria and Parameters

You wish to select a curling iron for curling hair but do not know where to start? Before you buy, you need to take into account several factors, including the kind of curling, the diameter, the material from which it is made and its technical attributes.

Expert curlers

These curling irons have a clip, but this clip does not have a spring-loaded, which means that it must keep from each other separately. But handling them is not easy, specifically if you make styling self. Due to this factor, these curling irons are advised for professional usage and not even styling home.

How to Select a Hair Curling Iron

Curling with a clip that has a spring-loaded

These hair curlers – are these best ways to make the right option when we think of the word “curling”? They are extremely easy to use due to the fact that the clamp presses a hair of hair injury curling, which streamlines the procedure of curling.

You end in only the area of hair which is around the barrel, holding completion of a lock.

Some curling of this type

A cone-shaped form, so you can select the size of curl. The majority of this block has a protective covering in the barrel to prevent damage to the hair.

Unique curling

Unique curling, which includes spiral stylers to develop spiral curls, triple or double curling iron to develop waves, triangular shape curls can be produced by geometric shape barrel. Although among them, naturally, there are intriguing variations blocks, the required tools if you do not constantly want to do some special. It is more effective to use the more recommended curling iron.

Size of the curling

When it concerns curling hair, the wider the diameter of its cylinder, the bigger becomes the curls or waves. If you desire little luring curls select a size of about 3-3.5 cm. If you wish to develop big, wood dimensional waves of long hair, try to find the curling diameter of five centimeters or more. There is another point that should be considered – the length

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Shampoo: first gesture hair health

Shampoo: first gesture hair health

It is urgent to take them in hand before they are really unhealthy and it start to fall out in handfuls. Marc Delacre, hairdresser and creator of the beauty salon of the same name, gives us his tips for keeping hair full of vitality.

The hair is a very compound machine consisting of a rod free part which emerges at the surface of the scalp and of a root (bulb), located in a hair follicle. Their number varies between 100 000 and 150 000. A hair live on average five years, then dies and falls to be replaced by another, and this about 25 times. The life of a hair is thus very weak and in case of repeated attacks, it gradually may no longer be replaced. It is therefore essential to take care of her hair, starting with the well washed.

Good health requires good hygiene

Shampoo Start by wetting the hair leaving a good time under the spray. Then take a small shampoo into the palm of the hand and apply it on your hair. It should not be too rub the scalp, but softly massaged. For the shampoo’s active have much time to make their effects, the ideal is to let it sit a few minutes. Then lather with a little water and carry on the massage. There is no need to make two shampoos – especially if you wash frequently. It unnecessarily raises awareness scalp.

After the shampoo, be sure to clean your hair. Rinsing is almost larger than the wash. If there are still remnants of shampoo in the hair, dandruff and itching will be guaranteed. How to know if they are well rinsed? They must crunching under your fingers. The bravest end with a jet of cold water (excellent for the scalp and make hair shine).

Dry the hair in the most natural way possible and avoid hairdryer, explains Marc Delacre. If you live in a big city, it is best to leave the well dry hair. Indeed, dust cling more easily on wet hair.

Brushes and combs are suitable for styling, provided use with delicacy.

Finally, it is vital to

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prevent hair loss in everyday life

How to prevent hair loss in everyday life?

If you lose obviously dozens of hair every day, beyond a hundred it becomes a problem that must be addressed. To avoid get there, there are protective actions to be applied in everyday life.

Stress, fatigue, lifestyle: hair loss can have multiple reasons. But good styling habits, better nutrition and appropriate treatments can keep a healthy hair.

Good styling habits

Preventing hair loss shampoo every day or not, the first health gesture for her hair is to rinse them. This seems obvious, but many women do not clean their hair enough. Assaulted by certain products, they weaken and get worse very quickly.

Disentangling side, opt for the sweetness! It is useless to insist on a node, you risk tearing your hair. Comb in with delicacy without overstated the roots.

Also note down the use of the hairdryer. His attacks often too high temperature, dry and break the hair. It is best to let them dry in the open air. Take special care for choosing blow dryer or strengthener.

Choosing a good shampoo

The shampoo is the earliest effective and systematic action in case of hair loss. Although its main idea is to clean the hair, it can have a side deal that gives strength to tired hair. Consisting mainly of quinine and B vitamins, these shampoos inspire blood micro circulation and restore all the energy they need.

Hint: For best results it is often suggested to massage the scalp in a circular motion which stimulates blood circulation, irrigates the scalp and promotes regeneration of hair.

The hair conditioners

Far from softening conditioner, here we speak about treatment lotion, creams that unravel and fortify the hair. As balms let in, disentangles these products, give energy and stimulate hair growth. The hair is better protected from daily aggressions.

The importance of diet

A balanced diet and a body that lacks nothing are the secrets of a dream hair. For, the cells that make the hair is living organs that need to be fit to work well. A micro nutrient shortage may be the cause of hair loss, for example.

Foods rich in protein such as tuna, chicken, beef and egg

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keep your hair

Hang on to keep your hair!

We normally lose about fifty hair in a day. Reached the end of their life, they drop and are replaced progressively with new ones. Shampoos and brushing remove. In spring and autumn, our hair is renewed in number and it is general to lose more. As we age, the normal slowdown in our body has the result of not replacing all the dead hair than we lose.

Exact hair loss of pathological origin is called alopecia. It means that we are losing our hair and has nothing to do with baldness which means the final phase of alopecia where all the hair fell out no hope of regrowth.

Whose fault is it? Take stock

An emotional shock:

The substantial drop is due to the anomalous secretion of androgenic hormones that kill hair. The variation of male hormone secretion: testosterone (secreted by the testes), and dehydroepiandrosterone unusually active and kill the hair.

An infectious disease:

Influenza, streptococcal disease, mononucleosis can reason alopecia inconsequential in the long term. The health restored, the hair grows back.


Ingestion of toxic mushrooms, minor taking of toxic drugs or combinations of drugs incompatible, accidental ingestion of cleaning products.

A bad hair treatment:

bleaching or permanently poorly mastered, performed by inexpert people.


Women lose their hair about two months after the conclusion of their pregnancy. At delivery, the interruption of flows often triggers a momentary loss of mass and hair.


Antimitotic the fall is spectacular because total in patients undergoing chemotherapy in the treatment against cancer.

Poor blood supply:

Poorly irrigated, scalp no longer feeds the hair that ends up dying.

Deficiencies of essential amino acids:

keratin has a vital need of essential amino acids, especially cystine. She also loves trace elements or it withers.

To finish with hair loss?

  • Develop your overall health
  • Nourish yourself in a fair way (avoid animal fats) absorb dietary supplements for hair.
  • Discuss with a dermatologist
  • It certainly will lay down a topical treatment minoxidil.
  • Energize your scalp
  • Rub it with lotion against hair loss.
  • Purify your hair
  • Clean with a special shampoo against hair loss.

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best spas

The best spas

There are a lot of types of Spa among them popular services are discussed below:

Sky Spa

Difficult to overlook the Sky Spa, in the Quartier Dix30 in Longueuil located on the roof of a building, less than 20 minutes from Montreal, the place offers a range of facilities, for an unforgettable experience heat, saunas, several types of massages as relaxing all the ones than the others, and as body treatments and facials. Even moms will get their account. Excuse yourself from your work and enjoy the experience, you will be filled.

The Finn Spa

Also less than 25 minutes from Montreal, this time in the heart of the wildlife reserve of the Rivière des Mille Îles, Finn Spa opens its doors wide open in an enchanting setting.

So close, yet so far from the turmoil of the cities, the position offers access to the baths, certainly, but also a complete spa experience, as well as à la carte treatments including massages, lymphatic drainage and beauty treatments. Various packages are also available.

Bota Bota spa

For a totally unique experience, Bota Bota spa book. “The establishment” is built on a former ferry, 175 feet long, and moored at the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal.

Again, you’ll find the traditional baths, for a thermal experience, but also rooms furnished specifically to propose various body treatments and facials, as well as the traditional massage. The ship was built so that you may live an extraordinary experience with stunning views over the city and the St. Lawrence. This is the only capability of this size in the world.

Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, is in line with the type of facilities, in terms of care than that of the thermal experience. It stands out for its many packages that permit you to live different experiences at each visit. In addition, it is possible to enjoy a few days away through packages offered in collaboration with various hotel establishments in the region for you to enjoy.

Polar Bear’s Club

Closer to Montreal, or in Piedmont, the Polar Bear’s Club offers no less than four access to a small river, five outdoor hot tubs, two

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