Blacking Out With Lauren Conrad

When I was asked to interview Lauren Conrad the feeling was a bit surreal. Not only had I grown up watching “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” but Lauren Conrad was also involved with everything a fashionista could love: designing her own clothing line for Kohl’s, an author of best-selling novel The Fame Game, along with gracing the covers of many fashion magazines. Conrad was in town at Boswell Book Company, teaming up with Kohl’s to treat three deserving teen girls from Children’s Hospital to a styling session.



The girls received outfits handpicked by Conrad and spent the afternoon with her to talk trends and fashion tips. After that, she signed copies of her new novel Infamous, the final book in her Fame Game series.

I had a few minutes to sit down with her and ask a few style questions of my own. This interview was different than any other, because as I was waiting to interview Conrad in Boswell, a thunderstorm knocked the power out. No one missed a beat though, and soon I found myself sitting next to Conrad in a black out.

Fashionista: I see you’re here with the lucky girls that were picked for your styling session. How was it? What did you guys do?
Lauren Conrad: I picked out a bunch of clothing from my line at Kohl’s for these three girls. It was fun! So we’ve been unwrapping presents and learning how to put outfits together.
F: Very cool. Tell

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Natural hair masks

Organic hair masks. This time around I’ll talk about some homemade recipes, especially for completely dry hair. All these homemade dishes for hair are very easy to prepare and simply require some all-natural ingredients.

If you want to learn just how you are homemade recipes for hair is prepared, I recommend you read this short article, so you can mesmerize on what to do and also just what not to do.

The worst trouble of all people is dry hair, this sort of hair looks with open, kinky and also weak ends, which is not quite nice to have if we wish to look great. To fix the troubles of dry hair, you need to use a suitable organic therapy, by doing this our hair will certainly look healthy, nourished and also glossy.

It is crucial to point out or remind you of the following: the therapy that needs to be put on dry hair correctly therefore will be much better to fix the problems brought on by dry hair.


After that I leave a list of homemade recipes for hair, so keep in mind and put them into technique. For these recipes have positive results is crucial to be patient and regular with each of these home made dishes for dry hair.

  1. Homemade egg-based recipe as well as castor oil. This recipe is extremely advised to nurture dry hair and that individual could utilize, provided you have completely dry hair. To create this terrific homemade recipe only you require the following:

Symptoms of hair loss

Loss of hair can take place to anyone and can happen at any age. It is essential to understand the symptoms that accompany the hair loss to discover a good option and avoid possible alopecia are.

Hair loss depends on several aspects, however primarily has to do with the state of the follicles and the scalp. If these are not in excellent condition will not produce hair therefore appearing zones with no hair, they are the hair roots of the skin which provides hair development.

The key to finding hair loss is to routinely check the health of hair in time to prevent any hair issues and discover suitable options for each scenario.

You can also find lots of info about hair loss at Beauty Portal 24 blog site where you can follow the suggestions of specialists to prevent it.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

  • When you wake up is an indication that you are losing more hair than typical, if you regularly find numerous hairs on the pillow.
  • Because you can attempt dermatitis or the existence of fungi’s, if you have pain in the scalp it is recommended to seek advice from an expert. These illnesses are among the reasons for hair loss and appear by redness of the scalp, itching and unpopulated locations in the hair.
  • If you clean your hair to lose great deals of hair can be an indication of a possible alopecia. When brushing or combing, this hair loss can likewise take place.
  • If you have dandruff

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Shampoo: first gesture hair health

Shampoo: first gesture hair health

It is urgent to take them in hand before they are really unhealthy and it start to fall out in handfuls. Marc Delacre, hairdresser and creator of the beauty salon of the same name, gives us his tips for keeping hair full of vitality.

The hair is a very compound machine consisting of a rod free part which emerges at the surface of the scalp and of a root (bulb), located in a hair follicle. Their number varies between 100 000 and 150 000. A hair live on average five years, then dies and falls to be replaced by another, and this about 25 times. The life of a hair is thus very weak and in case of repeated attacks, it gradually may no longer be replaced. It is therefore essential to take care of her hair, starting with the well washed.

Good health requires good hygiene

Shampoo Start by wetting the hair leaving a good time under the spray. Then take a small shampoo into the palm of the hand and apply it on your hair. It should not be too rub the scalp, but softly massaged. For the shampoo’s active have much time to make their effects, the ideal is to let it sit a few minutes. Then lather with a little water and carry on the massage. There is no need to make two shampoos – especially if you wash frequently. It unnecessarily raises awareness scalp.

After the shampoo, be sure to clean your hair. Rinsing is almost larger than the

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prevent hair loss in everyday life

How to prevent hair loss in everyday life?

If you lose obviously dozens of hair every day, beyond a hundred it becomes a problem that must be addressed. To avoid get there, there are protective actions to be applied in everyday life.

Stress, fatigue, lifestyle: hair loss can have multiple reasons. But good styling habits, better nutrition and appropriate treatments can keep a healthy hair.

Good styling habits

Preventing hair loss shampoo every day or not, the first health gesture for her hair is to rinse them. This seems obvious, but many women do not clean their hair enough. Assaulted by certain products, they weaken and get worse very quickly.

Disentangling side, opt for the sweetness! It is useless to insist on a node, you risk tearing your hair. Comb in with delicacy without overstated the roots.

Also note down the use of the hairdryer. His attacks often too high temperature, dry and break the hair. It is best to let them dry in the open air. Take special care for choosing blow dryer or strengthener.

Choosing a good shampoo

The shampoo is the earliest effective and systematic action in case of hair loss. Although its main idea is to clean the hair, it can have a side deal that gives strength to tired hair. Consisting mainly of quinine and B vitamins, these shampoos inspire blood micro circulation and restore all the energy they need.

Hint: For best results it is often suggested to massage the scalp in a circular motion which stimulates blood circulation, irrigates the scalp and promotes regeneration

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straight hair

Which curling iron is suitable for straight hair

In the market, there are many products of curling irons/wands just to help you curling. But for ladies who have straight hair, they need to take a look specifically to find a curling iron/wand which will give them a proper curl to give a new texture of their classic and timeless straight hair.  And it is always best to know your particular hair type before attempting to determine the best products to use for your hair.

To know the style and measurement chart for different length, click me.

What is straight hair type?

Straight hair type is classified as hair that has no curl pattern and is naturally straight. This hair type is been kept in category level one. It tends to be shiny and oily due to the hair strand’s lack of curl as well as can be thin in volume and wispy. Since the hair strand is completely straight, natural oils that come from the scalp can reach all the way down to the hair shaft. It is also the most resilient hair of all of the hair types. It is hard to damage and next to impossible to curl this hair texture.

Here, we will show you pros and cons of straight hair type:


  • It’s tough since it’s easy for the natural oil from the scalp to make its way down to the hair shaft and gets all the nourishment it needs.
  • It shines like a mirror as the surface of it reflects more light.
  • It’s easy to grow out long

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Haircut according to your face

Hairstyle according to your face Tips for selecting hair stylist haircut that best matches you according to your functions as well as face form round, square, oval, extended or triangular.

Depending on your facial functions, our company offers a choice of hairdos to feel far better. It is not the same as having actually the elongated oval face, square, and round or, per is doing a kind of haircut. This way, we will certainly avoid complicated and give our natural functions for higher expressiveness.

Haircut based on your face.

Hair reduced square face cuadradoRostro

For confront with wide mouths, just like the temples, it is ideal cut with wicks, or weathered and large. Avoid straight and smooth bangs or brief hair, as well as would shorten the height of your face, a lot better lengthy bangs as well as blunt to divert attention. You can provide quantity at royalty in order to lengthen your face. She uses her hair loose and also never very smooth.

Hair reduced round face redondoRostro

The goal is to hone your attributes carrying lengthy hair in layers, mid-back as well as scaling it starts below the chin. Straight hair is quite appropriate, without much volume. Avoid bangs and short hair.

Hair reducing face lengthened alargadoRostro

It is essential to get a sensation of space, with bangs and also a cut that gets to shoulder elevation. Looking the maximum quantity, swirls or permanent are its biggest exponents. It is a good idea to wear long hair and also smooth.

Hair reduced oval face ovaladoRostro

If you

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Hair transplant, the latest advances

Hair transplant, the latest advances

When baldness is made or it becomes uncomfortable hair transplant appears as a solution, albeit a little expensive, but mostly aesthetic, durable and discreet. Today, two major techniques are used by practitioners: the method called the “strip” and FUE. The Amar doctor, dermatologist specializing in hair transplantation, we said all the hair transplant to make his selection with confidence.

If baldness is a typically male problem, some women also put up with from hair loss. In recent years, surgery has advanced allowing painless interventions under local anesthesia and without significant downtime.

But we opted for one or the other technique, in both cases the plan is to implant placement. “What makes the difference is how to remove the bulbs,” explained Dr. Amar. Samples that are always in the same place, at the back of the skull in the occipital area, where the hair is the richest, most provided. “In this area, the hair is programmed to last. They have a longer life expectation than the rest of the skull.”

The method of strip

Surgery adjacent to the calvitieLe principle: A horizontal strip of 1 cm wide is removed under local anesthesia over a length which is from 12 up to 23 cm that is to say a maximum of one ear to the other. Then, the micro-strip is cut to get the bulbs that are implanted and thus redistributed to the bald areas. The dermatologist closes the sampling area using sutures which will depart a thin horizontal linear scar of a millimeter wide at

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Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss

Preventing hair loss -Take care to massage your scalp before using your shampoo.  In circular movements of the neck to the top of the skull you start blood circulation, the growth will be even better. Enabling the microcircualtion build your scalp more receptive to the care you use. Every one should be careful when using hair styling tools like flat iron, hair blower etc. We always advice to our followers to use best hair straightener brands and hair drying brands.

  • If your hair is oily, clean them frequently. The excess scalp sebum asphyxiation and speeds fall. Select a shampoo frequent use neutral pH and do good lather up to free its active agents. Treating shampoos contain strippers agents that sensitize the hair and make it more fragile. It is therefore strongly recommended to track the advice of your pharmacist or dermatologist.
  • At the end of your shampoo, clean your hair with warm water. The rinsing time should always be longer than the washing. There must remain no shampoo residue in your hair.
  • Let your hair dry in the air and keep away from to the maximum the hairdryer. At a certain heat, the water contained in the hair began to boil, creating small bubbles on the hair shaft, which make it very brittle. Dry them instead with a towel without rubbing too hard. In general, hair does not like heat, so do not annoy them with blow drying and straightening repeatedly.
  • Comb your hair softly. You must protect as much as possible the

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Hormonal changes and hair loss

Hormonal changes and hair loss

Alopecia is the generic medical term hair loss on a part or the whole scalp. This term comes from the Greek “alopex”, meaning fox. This animal loses in fact, once a year, its brutally hair.

Hereditary androgenetic alopecia, the most common, affects mostly men (70% of cases). Acute alopecia causes in turn a faster and more substantial hair loss.

Hair loss in women: hormones frontline

One cause of alopecia in women: hormone disorders connected to different periods of life, consecutive with taking treatment or endocrine disorders. This is called androgenic alopecia.

If significant and unexplained hair loss, it is then advisable to ask a dermatologist who will sort through the various factors traditionally implicated:

  • The Endocrinological disorders affect the main hormone producing glands such as the thyroid (hyper or hypothyroidism) and more hardly ever the pituitary gland which then starts to idle (this is called hypopituitarism) or, on the contrary, produce too much prolactin (a hormone to the initiation and maintenance of lactation).
  • There may also be an excess of androgens (male hormones secreted by the ovaries and adrenal glands) induced by the attendance of micro polycystic ovaries through menopause or childbirth. The decrease of female hormones associated cause then depletion of the scalp and thus hair loss, sensitized by too much male hormone.
  • Alopecia can also be derived from a genetically planned hypersensitivity of the hair follicle (hair bulb) without androgen these are excessively products. This is called hyperandrogenism.

Hormones and hair loss: men also concerned

If alopecia in men is usually inherited (95% of cases), hormones

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